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The world is big and round and spinning. Yes.

I find it interesting that claims he's not a . When I first heard this, I thought it was nonsense, because I thought he obviously looks like a transvestite. However, his reason is: he doesn't get sexual pleasure from dressing like a woman, and the definition of a transvestite is: An individual who is sexually or emotionally stimulated or satisfied by dressing in clothing of the opposite sex."

This is interesting, because also says that the way he dresses does not have a sexual basis, yet he DOES call himself a transvestite. The bizarre thing is though, in my opinion he looks far less like a woman than Pete Burns does.

Perhaps this is the problem with putting labels on people?

Why is it that if ever I tune into Channel 5 (now simply called "Five" - oh what a funky name!) early in the morning at weekends, I get Sky News? I don't even have Sky TV, but I can get Sky News at weekends. Five do their own news at other times of the day, so why not early in the morning at weekends? Are they all in bed because they've been up all night beating each other with sticks? Or perhaps Sky and Five are secretly the same company? What if everything is one company? What if someone buys that company and then turns it into a gigantic global brothel? What if the Police then close down that brothel, there will be no more anything, just naked unemployed newsreaders roaming the streets hunting for food.

Wikipedia has got to be THE best information rescourse online these days. Not only is it totally free, but it's also more informative than any other resource on the internet, because it's written by normal people. Any time I want to find out more about something, I always used Wikipedia. Want to know to know the unbiased history of your favourite band, just type in their name and away you go.

and sunshine
and smiles
and blue
and driving
and sky
and swimming in the moment,
right there,
right then.

This man looks like his name is Colin. What do you think?

Sometimes I feel like I'm living my own memories,
my own dream.
I keep thinking,
if I die,
it would be a tragredy,
more so now than it used to be,
because I'm at my peak,
but I'm living some kind of paradox,
where I'm 100% happy,
and I've 100% found myself,
yet I'm so 100% lost within that,
and it's like, wow,
if I die then this will all be forgotten,
all this in my head,
all this perfection within my soul,
right here right now,
and yesterday and yesterweek
and all the other recent days,
falling like rain from the sky of my mind,
trickling down through the cracks in the pavement of life,
but it's all surrounded by cotton wool,
and somehow it's all perfect.

(by the way, this is an example of the kind of stream-of-consciousness style of writing that I originally had in mind when I started Sailing Down the Stream of Consciousness, but eventually the photos took over, so now I've decided to seperate the photos from the words, and focus on both individually in their own specials ways)

If someone is in a coma, are they completely unconcious, or are they swimming in a sea of halucinatory horror, unable to reach the surface?

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