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Update - Website, Inception, Woman and Old Friends

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By the way, I'm currently working on a totally new personal website. It's going to be so amazing, when you visit it you might actually die from an overdose of amazingness.

In other news...

I went to see the film Inception on Saturday night with my friends Harvey Warvey Pudding And Pie and American Mark. It was fantastic! Aside from the fact that it was very confusing, it got 100% in every way for me. Leonardo DiCaprio, the performances, the special effects, everything! Even the music was amazing!

Just before the film, on the way up the escalator to the screen, I think I temporarily fell in love with a woman in front of me. She had that look I really like, with the short hair and the whole kind of androgynous thing going on. She reminded me a bit of my ex actually, only even nicer and more sane (from what I could tell from such a brief moment - which isn't a lot really now I come to think about it). She sounded slightly forgeign (not sure where), and was stood next to this young guy who she was touching on the shoulder and saying to him, "You're such a handsome guy..."

I couldn't stop dreaming about her when I got home.


Went for a walk with my walking group yesterday. Saw really good old friends Darren and Bernie who I haven't seen for a while, and had such a fantastic day I think it almost gave me a nervous breakdown.

I think that's enough excitement for one week. Now I need to calm down and work on my new website...


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