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Crazy woman,
So crazy,
Oh you are so crazy,
With your crazy eyes
And your crazy talk
And your crazy mouth
And your crazy reasons.

Stuff you with your crazy talk.
Crazy talk!
Oh so crazy,
So very crazy!
I pity you in your crazy world,
Your crazy little world,
Without joy,
Without reasons,
All full of horror and paranoia,
You'll never know what it's like
To be normal,
To find peace,
To be free
From the chains
Of misery
In your private prison
Of paranoid thoughts.

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We are secrets in the sun;
I hold secrets of the sun;
You are my number one,
When I come undone.

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You must axcuse me,
I always get carried away;
You've never been to me,
A place I call home inside;
You must excuse me,
I'm sorry,
I was leading you along,
It's just a game I like to play;
You've never been to me;
A game I like to play;
You're absent in my world;
I'm there,
And it's perfect,
And you can't see,
I'm soft and perfect and bright yellow inside,
And what if that's not your colour?

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Singled out,
Pushed down,
But it doesn't matter,
It's just a game we all play.

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Like cracks in a window,
Your view of me is fractured;
I am only broken on the outside.

The sun has gone from your view,
But it never left my heart;
I'm just keeping it hidden for a while,
To keep me warm inside.

Can't you see,
The problem is you not me;
I'm tired,
But not unhappy,
I just want to be quiet,
And be still,
Like a breezeless sky,
An unmoving tree,

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Now that sunshine fills the sky,
Can I truly be touched?
Can I truly be reached?
Can I truly be affected?
Can I truly be yours?
Can I truly give myself to you?
Now that everything is perfect;
Now that the sky is always blue,
What depths are there left to swim down to?
What was once the deepest ocean,
Is now a mountain top,
And maybe you can't climb that high,
And maybe I don't want to come down;
So maybe we should say goodbye?...


Sometimes I like to try to strip away gender as part of a person's identity, and try to see them beyond that. It's hard to explain, but if I see a girl who is cute and I get on well with, I sometimes try to think of who they are beyond my perception of them as the opposite sex. Then we are just two individuals, two souls (if you want to call it that), genderless, and what does that mean, why do we take on these roles that society imposes on us? We are brought up to conform to stereotypes of what is considered male or female. But when you strip away the differences that genitals and hormones impose on us, what is it that lies underneath?

So if you fall in love with someone of the opposite sex, the person underneath that you then get to know deeply, is essentially a genderless being encased in gender and an outwards identity. And I think that's how you would really get to know someone, to get inside them, and see them beyond the gender, as an equal person, and that really excites me, especially as I kind of consider myself as being rather androgynous.

Love knows no gender.

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I woke up this morning to find it's snowing! The same thing happened last March too!

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Have you ever had it where you meet a new bunch of people, and they turn out to be the most wonderful, genuine people you have ever met in your life, and your time with them fills you with so much joy that you think you're going to burst?

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Whenever you need someone,
Whenever you've lost your way,
Whenever you need a friend,
Just call my name,
And I'll be there,
Asking for nothing in return,
But your smile.

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Dad:...a doogong.
Mum: A doogong? Where did that come from?
Dad: It just came out of my head.

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