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Okay, it's time for some more of my highlight poetry. Three pieces from the 19th and 20th of July. They kind of go together, but third one is silly though.

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Okay, here's the two pieces of highlight poetry I made on 15th and 18th July.

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These two follow on from the one I posted yesterday. They work better together I think. I wanted to upload them yesterday, but I felt the day was running out and I went for a walk on the hill instead.

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By the way, in case you're wondering why I make these things, the answer is: because I really enjoy it. Ultimately it really is that simple.

But to dig deeper into it, I find it theraputic to do the free-writing. Then the next bit is like a fun word search, trying to extract something from it. So I suppose there is an interaction between the subconscious and the conscious.

But I'm not particularly trying to make any kind of artistic statement, and there's no big plan involved. It is totally open-ended and free, and that's what makes it exciting and fun for me.

If you find it interesting, then that's a bonus. If you think it's rubbish, then that's fine too. I'm just having fun playing around with words, and that's all it is really...

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Okay, ladies and gentlemen (and any transgendered people), I've been getting back into my Highlight Poetry. You will notice though that this time I have shaded over the other words using a pencil. This is because I want to make it as much of a non-computer process as possible. There is another different too though, but I'll let you spot that for yourself...

Click the image for a larger version. If you can't see any image then click here to see it.


I've decided to offer some of my music as MP3 file downloads, for anyone who wants to have a listen.

First off, I present to you the Night Sky Flight trilogy, which I made in 2003 (err, I think):

Night Sky Flight 1

Night Sky Flight 2

Night Sky Flight 3



A very interesting lecture about how education is stifling creativity:
(20 mins long)

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