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Okay, my new website is taking shape nicely. Go take a look at it:

Laughing at the Sky

I've worked quite hard on it over the last week to get it to a point
where I'm pretty happy with how it looks. Obviously, I will change
certain parts as time goes on. It will probably naturally evolve over
time. Also, there are sections without much in, but at least I've got
the layout how I want it. Also, there is a HUGE amount of stuff to
listen to in the Music section. Aside from the overall apearance, the
Music section has been the part I've been working on the most.

Also, if you want to stay constantly updated with what I put on there,
there is an RSS Feed and Twitter Account, which will both update
whenever I add a new post to the site. The Twitter account is plugged
directly into the site, so that will update automatically. However, if
RSS or Twitter aren't you're thing (and that's totally
understandable), then just stay on this e-mail list, and I'll try and
remember to post here when I put anything really good on the site. I
have, however, changed the name of this mailing list from MEJC to
Laughing at the Sky, but your membership remains the same (of course,
otherwise you wouldn't be getting this e-mail now).

The focus of this site is mainly my creative things. I'm trying to
make more of an effort to channel more of my energy into my creative
things again. I'm trying to get back into the photography and the
creative writing more, and one day, when I can afford to buy a new
soundcard and some good speakers, I'll get back into the music again.

I'm going to make a real effort to keep this site updated, even if
it's just me rambling on or ranting about some kind of stupid nonsense
whizzing round my head. Or if I can't think of anything else to post,
I'll just post a funny video or whatever.

If you spot any mistakes (e.g. typing errors or audio files that won't
play), let me know. The site isn't perfect yet, but there should be
enough there now for you to enjoy. I just want it to be a fun place
for me to share my creative stuff plus anything else I feel like

I want this site to be 100% my thing, done my way, just me dancing to
the beat of my own strange drum. If it's your thing too, then just
enjoy it for what it is. If it's not your thing, then go find
something that is. I won't lose any sleep...





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