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Last Night at Julia's House

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Last night I went to a party at my friend Julia's new house in a rough area of Bristol, to celebrate her birthday and also moving into her new place. I don't normally go to parties, but Julia is great and I haven't seen her for an entire year, which is totally absurd. How did that happen??? We need to stop this kind of thing from happening. Anyway, at least now I know where she lives, so maybe I can start camping in her garden...

Anyway, I took my friend Dan along, because he lives nearby. Apart from Julia, I didn't know anyone else, so me and Dan ended up just talking amonst ourselves in a corner of the garden while everyone else sat round a big table. I lectured Dan at length about how I think of Days and Months in terms of different colours, and how one day I hope to be an internet millionaire with a lovely house on a hill overlooking Stroud, perhaps with nude female servants and a pet giraffe...

Towards the end of the evening, a woman came and sat next to us and started chatting to us. Dan didn't really say anything, so I chatted away to her. She told me about how singing in a band with Julia is really the only fun time she gets away from her kids. She also told me all about her painful foot. I said to her: "This is the most I've ever learned about a stranger's foot." I then proceeded to tell her all about how I injured my knees earlier in the year, so I guess we ended up even.

About 10:30 we walked back towards Dan's house along the main road. I was definately out of my comfort zone. Saturday night on the streets a major city, not my idea of a good place to be really. One guy asked us if we had a spare pound, and when we said "No, sorry," he said, "Argh, what the fuck's wrong with you, man! I hope you guys get beaten up and stabbed or something!" A bit rude...

Further up the road we passed a busy pub, with Police stood next to a young man holding his wounded head after probably being smashed with a bottle.

Is this really peoples idea of a good time?

And they all laugh at me for wanting to climb trees...

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