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Stupid Spam Filter + My Walk Today

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Sorry, that message about the comedy night was a day late.

Can you believe it, I sent that on Thursday evening, but today I got a message say that the spam filter from my mailing had detected it as being possible spam! What the hell??? What a stupid spam filter!!! Didn't it notice that the sender was the owner of the mailing list, and therefore the same person that it was sending the warning message too?!?!?!?

So anyway, I had to approve that message by click a link and then choose the option "No This Message That I Wrote Myself Is Not Spam, And I Should Know Because I Wrote It".

I know it contained a lot of links, but none of them were trying to sell anything. They were just links to Wikipedia and YouTube.

Anyway, rant over...

It was Wednesday night I went to the comedy night.

Last night I stayed home.

And today I went out for a hilly walk with my friend Dan. 5 hills in only 5 miles. That's a record for me, in terms of the hill-to-mile ratio. All of the hills were in the same small area, near Dursley & Cam in Gloucestershire.

Okay, so let's talk about that. Why don't I tell you about where I went. This is my blog/list, I'll do whatever I feel like. You don't have to read it if you don't want to...

But anyway, for anyone who is still reading...
  1. First we went up Cam Peak (officially called Peaked Down). You can see an image of it here, and another one here.
  2. Right next to Cam Peak is Cam Long Down.
  3. Then we walked across to Uley Bury.
  4. Then down to Downham Hill. This has not Public Right of Way across it, but it is now "Access Land", and has long had a "Permissive Path" up it anyway. But there is no route through, so you have to just go up the side of the hill, walk round the hill, then come back down the same way. As we were coming back down, it started to snow.
  5. Then it was along the lane back towards Cam Long Down. It really began snowing heavily at this point, but this soon passed. We then walked back over Cam Long Down. My original plan was to go back over Cam Peak too, to get 6 hills in, but by then Dan's sore ligament was starting to hurt, so we went back down to the car.
Then we went to a nice pub in Dursley, where he had a hot chocolate and I had a fruit tea drink. We played table football twice, and I beat him 9-1 both times. You made it far too easy Dan, you really did. I can't even remember when I last played that game.

Still reading this?

Well done. Have a banana.

If the spam filter catches this message too, I'm going to protest by dancing like a maniac in my side garden.

Peace, Love & Satsumas,


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