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Really Thirsty

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I'm really thirsty this evening for some reason.
I've already drunk a pint of water,
and I drank a load of water straight from the tap a few times earlier.

But I'm thirsty again!
What's going on?
Where has this thirst come from?
What's happening in my body?

It's ever since I ate my dinner.
2 poached eggs
on buckwheat rice bread
with loads of watercress.

Maybe it's an overdose of sulphur?

No, wait!
I know what it is!

I was eating Spice Roast Chick Peas this afternoon!

That's it!

I remember, I felt thirsty after that,
which I quenched
by eating an orange
just before dinner.

Spiced Roast Chick Peas are to blame
for my thirst attack!


My body must be trying to flush it out...


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