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My Walk in Wiltshire Today

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I went for a walk today with my walking group, out in the Wiltshire
countryside. It was a lovely sunny day, and I enjoyed myself, as it's
the first group walk I've done for about 6 weeks or something.

Anyway, a few things worthy of note happened today...

Allow me to explain..

So we all met up at the meeting point in the centre of Bristol, and the
idea is always to car-share out to the start of the walk. Two new lovely
young women turned up, and they were going to go together in their car.
I overheard them giggling something about hwo rubbish they are at
directions as they walk leader handed them their map and directions on
some paper. I was just on the virge of offering my services as their
highly compitent navigator, when the walk leader started saying how we
needed more drivers, and he asked me if I'd drive.

Ah, feck!

But anyway, so I drove, and two other people went with me, and a
different guy went with the two young women.

So, cut to over an hour later (a lot of which was boring motorway
driving on the M4), and we arrived at the car park for the start of the
walk. It was really full up, so I tried to park on this grassy area, and
my car got stuck! I ended up wheelspinning like mad. So I ended up
getting about 5 guys from the group to help push me back out of it, and
after lots of effort we eventually managed it, and I found another space
down the other end.

Just at that moment, the two new young women arrived in their car. But
their passenger was nowhere to be seen.

They started telling me about how they had had to let him out right near
the beginning of the car journey because he freaked out. They said he
suddenly said "I've just remembered, I've got some DIY I've got to do at
home," and then asked to be let out of the car. So they pulled over at a
petrol station and he got out. What the hell?


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