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The Big Field at Stratford Park on a Sunny Day

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arising like sulfur
from the ashes
of a volcanic dream.

I've been here before,
swimming through fields
of sunshine-filled

             at the sky,
             at the days.

I want
        a reason,
        a purpose.

That's why I came here.

Somewhere to belong.
Somewhere for old memories to belong,
building up into something more
than they can ever live up to.

Falling into time.
Feel the drowning.
Feel the drowning.

...drowning in sunshine
and trees

I feel
like I'm returning back
to an old, comfortable

I feel
       the uncontrollable,
       the days,
       all the words
                            left unspoken.

I feel dreams
as they unfold
like a new day.
                                       an imaginary day
                                        left dancing in the long grass

Forms - thought forms,
unfolding, expanding,
like arms.......................embracing the sky.

dreams are only thoughts,
and thoughts are only dreams,
memories are the heart and soul,
beating deep down
beating deep,
deep down...

Feelings, unspoken in unknown places,
on the edge, peripheral,
always ---------------------------------------------- just slightly out of reach

This is where the magic is.
This is where
the magic

This is
where dreams unfold,
where flowers grow
and then die
in quiet corners of fields.

This is the place,
where nobody goes,
where all the unsaid words ............................ sit whispering in the corner

This is where
all the still-born and aborted dreams
lay buried,
decomposing in the dark soil
beneath old forgotten trees.

The faint smell drifts across the hills
as I am drawn towards the distant view
I feel like I'm back where I belong
yet again.

I always end up back here,
like a bird
flying home for the summer,

it's never looked so perfect,
it's never looked so
swim in time and upside-down and
flowers in the sky and distant views of
past and future and present moment expand up beyond
and blades of long grass swaying so hot so touching eyes and breeze
and forest hidden deep dark sky between the leaves
and days so lost...

let it go...

let it all drift away
on the breeze...


I wrote this back in the summer, and left it sitting on my computer for six months. If you understand what it means, please tell me, because I'm not entirely sure. Bits of it actually made me chuckle.


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