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Don't Try Too Hard

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Don't try too hard

to stick up for yourself.
The world is full

of disasters

created by people
sticking up for what they believed in,

convinced they were right,
convinced they held the
ultimate truth;

or at least
determined, at all costs
to defend their opinions,
their ideas, their own version
of the make-believe fairy-tale
we all take part in;

but at the end of the day
they are only thoughts;

just thoughts,
that keep them distracted from life.

Does it hurt so much
to be wrong?

Is it really worth it to be right?
don't you see,
it all blows over
eventually, anyway;

none of it matters in the end;
none of your opinions will survive
to the bitter end;

there will always be something else
to replace them, something bigger,
better, "more important";

and that too
will eventually disolve.

There will always be someone to disagree with,
if you really want to disagree.

There will always be someone to fight against,
if you really want to fight.

You can always find someone to prove wrong,
someone who hasn't thought it all though
quite as well as you have,


maybe, while you were busy building it all up,
thinking it all through really well,
hardening all your opinions
into concrete,

maybe they were just busy
getting on with life

and being happy

in their own way.


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